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something about me

Maja Moravec is a production designer who has been enhancing her skills in the world of scenography and film production throughout her successful career spanning over 20 years. In 2004, she participated in the European Film Academy, where under the expert guidance of director Mike Figgis, she elevated her exceptional sense of space, color, and light to a level where she could consistently perform her work on projects assigned to her with high quality, regardless of their complexity, to the satisfaction of all involved. She approaches all projects, whether simple or highly demanding, in the only way possible for her: with strict precision and professionalism. Her portfolio, which is by far the most extensive among Slovenian and Croatian production designers, attests to her capabilities and achievements. Because of all these qualities, Maja Moravec ranks at the top (if not the very top) of Slovenian and Croatian production designers in the realm of high-quality television commercials.


maja moravec

production designer
co-founder & ceo at mamart d.o.o.

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i am a production designer

i design

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